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Join our VET research community!

As an AVETRA member, you will be part of a professional-development network promoting high-quality VET research and vigorous debate of research issues that will keep you informed of the latest developments. Membership is outstanding value for money - and we have a special new member deal if you have never been a member before!

Member-only rates for AVETRA events 

  • Reduced member rates to attend the annual AVETRA national conference with international VET speakers.
  • Engage with local OctoberVET seminars on VET research issues.
  • Access the latest knowledge discussed in regular AVETRA online webinars on key VET research topics.

Access to the latest in VET research

  • Free subscription to the bi-annual VET ‘Research Today’.
  • Subsidized on-line subscription to the latest research findings in the “International Journal of Training Research”.
  • You can read over 2000 research papers spanning two decades of VET research on the website.

Support for your VET research project

  • Access supportive professional mentoring for your research projects
  • Contact mentors for accessing and engaging in higher degrees by research.
  • Exclusive opportunities for members to publish and present your research to local and international audiences.
  • Use the wealth of AVETRA web reference material on conducting VET research. 

Connect with the VET research community

  • Connect with leading researchers in the field
  • Be part of a supportive professional community
  • add your voice to the primary network of those who value VET research.
  • Nominate and vote for the AVETRA executive.
  • Contribute to government inquiries and proposals, advocating for VET research.

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