AVETRA was born through a grant made available by NCVER to start a VET researcher’s association. The links between AVETRA and NCVER are strong and mutually beneficial, while each organisation has a specific and related agenda and strategy for the VET research field.



Women in Adult & Vocational Education (WAVE)

WAVE is a national network of women involved in VET, adult education and the broad field of work-related education and training. WAVE provides seminars & workshops, research, policy advocacy and advice, as well as networking on an international, national and state basis. They are supported within each state by local representation that in turn contributes collaboratively to national events and governance.

WAVE was formed in 1987, the first and only national and autonomous non-government organisation for Australian women in the adult, community and vocational education and training sector. For the first 14 years they were called the Network of Women in Further Education. (NOW in FE)

For further information or to join visit - http://www.wave.org.au



Adult Learning Australia (ALA)

Invitation to Register – Registration Form

Adult Learning Australia (ALA) is the national peak body representing organisations and individuals in the adult learning field. Our mission is t o advance a learning society , through:

  • advocating and promoting accessible and quality learning
  • researching and advancing innovative approaches to learning
  • developing and influencing policy on adult learning
  • celebrating the joy of learning.

We are strengthening our research, promotional and advocacy capacity through the development of an in-house Directory of Researchers. I am writing to invite you to be a part of this directory by submitting details of your expertise on the attached form.

ALA regularly identifies opportunities to tender for research projects. It publishes a journal and a magazine as well as hosting conferences and forums. As the national peak body, and as the co-ordinating body for Adult Learners’ Week, ALA is often contacted by the media for quotes or statistics about various audiences or aspects of adult learning. In its advocacy work, ALA regularly prepares submissions to government inquiries around a range of topics. The Directory of Researchers will be an in-house tool to assist ALA staff undertake this work.

We are using the term ‘research’ in its broadest sense. We are seeking people whose research may be based either upon academic work or upon practical experience (or both). If you feel you have expertise that will allow you to make informed and relevant contributions to discussions about adult learning in Australia, then we would like to include you on our database.

While ALA is unable to make any promises, inclusion on the ALA Directory or Researchers may benefit you by:

  • Increasing your opportunity to participate in tendered research;
  • Providing opportunities to publish articles about your work;
  • Providing opportunities to gain exposure for your work in the media and with government;
  • Receiving information about opportunities to present papers at ALA events;

To facilitate the process, I have attached a form for you to complete and return. As indicated  on this form, the information you supply will be held by ALA for its own use and will not be given to any third parties. If you have any questions about the ALA Directory of Researchers, please do not hesitate to contact me at j.cross@ala.asn.au or by phone 02 6274 9505.

If you know of any colleagues, post-graduate students or independent researchers who may also be interested in being included in the ALA Directory of Researchers, please feel free to forward this correspondence to them.

John Cross
Research Manager, Adult Learning Australia

Tel: 02 6274 9505
Mob: 0438 519 889
Fax: 02 6274 9513
Email: j.cross@ala.asn.au
Postal: GPO Box 260 Canberra City ACT 2601
Street: Level 1, 32 Northbourne Avenue, Canberra
Web: http://www.ala.asn.au [ALA]
Web: http://www.adultlearnersweek.org [Adult Learners' Week]
Web: http://www.lcc.edu.au [Learning Communities]
Web: http://www.learningcircles.org.au [Learning Circles]