OctoberVET 2015: Call for Conveners


AVETRA would like to invite you consider convening an OctoberVET event in your area in 2015.

OctoberVET is the name of a season of local events to share information, research and ideas about VET. OctoberVET complements AVETRA’s annual conference, and as the name suggests, it runs through October (with a few events usually spilling into November as well).

The success of OctoberVET always depends on the good-will and inventiveness of a local Convener (or group of Conveners) who are connected with local VET networks and identities and can find a focus and a space for their event.

AVETRA offers a small seed-grant for all OctoberVET events (which can be used for catering for example), and a national coordinator is on hand to discuss your ideas, and to provide advice and support. AVETRA also promotes OctoberVET events nationally to help draw attention to local events.

OctoberVET events range in size and scope, depending on local needs and interests, and range from convivial, small-scale gatherings to larger formal events with speakers. Events can be brief (a couple of hours) or can span a whole day. In 2014, 10 OctoberVET events ran across Australia, including a number of regional events. Here are the themes of last year’s events:

•    Professionalism and Scholarly Activity in VET
•    New developments in research in VET
•    What VET Researchers Learn
•    Refocusing program accountability: Lifelong and life-wide perspective on literacy and numeracy development
•    Trades, Apprentices & VET
•    Starting the Research Conversation
•    Participatory Action Research: a practice changing practice
•    Bringing Research to Practice: Engaging Adolescents with Literacy and Numeracy
•    The state of play 2014: VET, apprenticeships and context
•    Better training for a better workforce: Research for VET Innovation

What ideas do you have for 2015? With yet another momentous year for VET underway it’s time to start thinking about how to bring your local VET community together to share ideas and inspiration. Get in touch with Steven Hodge (national OctoberVET Coordinator) to discuss your ideas and find out how to get the OctoberVET ball rolling. Call him at his office: 07 37355712 or mobile: 0421224474 or email him at s.hodge@griffith.edu.au


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