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Australasian Vocational Education and Training Research Association


Webinar Series

As Australia’s peak national VET research association, AVETRA plays an important role in connecting early career and emerging VET researchers with peers and mentors. In 2020, we are excited to announce a new webinar series, aimed at connecting our membership from across Australia and providing an opportunity for engaging with key VET issues and researcher capability development.

2020 Researcher Development Series

This webinar series focuses on building researcher capacity and offers an opportunity for early career, emerging and practitioner researchers to strengthen their understanding of the research process. For participants with a research idea in mind, the series offers an opportunity to grow a small-scale research project from conception through to dissemination, through each stage of the research cycle. Each session will be facilitated by a team of experienced VET researchers and include input from AVETRA’s expert researcher network.





Webinar 1

The role of research for VET practice and policy

1pm-2pm Friday

June 12th 2020

Webinar 2

Getting started with your VET research idea


 1pm-2pm Friday

July 10th 2020

Webinar 3

Designing a question for your VET research


 1pm-2pm Friday

August 14th 2020

Webinar 4

Thinking about your research contexts


1pm-2pm Friday

September 18th 2020

Webinar 5

Collecting and analysing empirical data for your VET research

1pm-2pm Friday

October 16th 2020

Webinar 6

Accessing and using secondary and public data


1pm-2pm Friday

November 13th 2020

Webinar 7

Understanding the ethics of doing research with humans

1pm-2pm Friday

February 12th 2021

Webinar 8

Sharing your VET research: writing for different audiences

1pm-2pm Friday

March 12th 2021


FAQ: Am I an early career or emerging VET researcher?

A: We adopt a self-identifying interpretation of ‘early career’ and ‘emerging’. We welcome anyone who would like to build their network of likeminded VET researchers and develop their VET research skills. This includes researchers who may have long track records in other disciplines but are new to researching VET, VET practitioners who are new to doing research and students researching VET.




What you get

AVETRA Members


Access to participate in all webinars and access to webinar recordings within the members only section of the AVETRA website.


Single webinar


Access to participate in the webinar and access to webinar recordings, and PDF copies of any slides or resources used during the webinar.


Researcher development pack


Access to all 8 webinars and access to webinar recordings, and PDF copies of any slides or resources used during the webinars.

Webinar 6: Accessing Secondary Datasets

1pm-2pm Friday, November 13th

Webinar overview:

In the Researcher Development series we are continuing on with the stage of the research cycle involving working with data. This is the second of two webinars looking at data collection and analysis. In this session we will focus on accessing and using secondary data, or data that was originally generated or collected for previous research or for non-research purposes. Different types of secondary data will be covered including documents, physical data and archived research data, with a specific focus on data collections and surveys managed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER). Introductory approaches for analysing secondary data will also be covered.


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For any questions, please contact one of the conveners of the AVETRA early career & emerging researcher group:

Kira Clarke

Lizzie Knight

Jason Skues


Meet the facilitators

Kira Clarke

Senior Research Fellow, Research & Policy Centre, Brotherhood of St Laurence

Lizzie Knight

Research Fellow, Centre for International Research in Education Systems (CIRES)

 Victoria University

Jason Skues

Senior Lecturer,

Swinburne University