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Membership Categories

As well as Full membership and Institutional membership, there are reduced rates available for  Student and Concession car holders, Retired staff , Casual employees and NCVER employees – evidence must be provided to confirm status if you are applying for student membership.

Why join your national research association?

As an AVETRA member, you will be part of a professional-development network promoting high-quality VET research and vigorous debate of research issues that will keep you informed of the latest developments.

Why join AVETRA?

  • You will now get the latest VET research events featured in the quarterly “A” News.
  • You will also be mailed the regular VET ‘Research Today’ news sent to you by AVETRA twice a year.
  • You get the latest research findings in the “International Journal of Training Research”, published three times a year (subscription worth $50 a year).
  • You can access the latest knowledge discussed in regular AVETRA online webinars on key VET research topics.
  • You can engage with local OctoberVET seminars on VET research issues.
  • You can get reduced rates as a delegate to the key annual AVETRA national conference with international VET speakers.
  • You can read over 2000 research papers spanning 2 decades of VET research on the website.
  • You can use the wealth of AVETRA web reference material on conducting VET research.
  • You can contact leading researchers in the field.
  • You can access supportive professional mentoring for your research projects.
  • You can contact mentors for accessing and engaging in higher degrees by research.
  • You can nominate and vote for the AVETRA executive and prizes and awards for distinguished and meritorious research and service to AVETRA.
  • AVETRA membership adds many additional options for your continued personal development.
  • AVETRA membership puts you as a voice the primary network of those who value VET research.
  • AVETRA membership positions you as part of the national voice for VET research to government inquiries and proposals. 

 APPLY FOR your AVETRA Membership NOW!

Membership includes an electronic subscription to the International Journal of Training Research (IJTR)* and to the researchers’ magazine Research Today, each with two editions a year.

Membership is for the Calendar year 1/1 through 31/12 each year.


  Price (Exc GST)
GST Total
Full Membership $172.73 $17.27 $190
Student Membership $86.36 $8.64 $95
Retired Membership $86.36 $8.64 $95
NCVER Member (Employed by NCVER) $86.36 $8.64


Casually Employed Member $86.36 $8.64


Large Institution (80+ staff) $863.64 $86.36 $950
Medium/Small Institution  (under 80 staff) $518.18 $51.82 $570

* If you would like to subscribe for hard copies of the IJTR journal it is an extra $20 per year.


‘Student Member’

The student member category is defined as an individual who is enrolled into a course or program of study that is full-time or part-time. Please provide a student card as proof of your status.

‘Retired Member’

The retired member category is defined as an individual who has retired from full time employment.

‘Casually employed Member’

The casually employed member category has been introduced to mediate the issues exacerbated by the impact of Covid 19 on Educational institution employment opportunities. A casually employed member is defined as an individual who is casually employed part time, at any educational or VET organisation.

 Institutional/Organisational Member

The Institutional/Organisational member category is available for institutions/organisations that wish to take advantage of AVETRA  activities and events. 

"Institutional/Organaisational" Members receive: 

  • Member benefits as outlined above
  • Large Institution members may have up to 8 delegates attend AVETRA events at member rates
  • Medium/Small Institution members may have up to 5 delegates attend AVETRA events at member rates


You can pay by credit card, using your Mastercard or VISA (please note that American Express and Diners are not accepted), or by cheque or money order.

Cheques and money order need to be made payable to “AVETRA”.

You can now pay for AVETRA Membership by credit card online, please follow this link to Join AVETRA Online.

Alternatively, Please print the AVETRA Membership Application Form complete it and return it to AVETRA. You can fax it, post it or scan and email it.


AVETRA Secretariat
PO Box 576
Crows Nest NSW 1585
TEL: +61 2 9431 8690
FAX: +61 2 9431 8677

Level 3, 33-35 Atchison St, St Leonards, NSW, Australia 2065

Open: Mon-Friday 9am-5pm.


To join AVETRA and pay via credit card online please follow this link Join AVETRA.