AVETRA 20th Annual Conference

On behalf of the AVETRA Executive Committee, we are pleased to present preliminary information about the 20th Annual AVETRA Conference, to be held in Melbourne from 18 -20 April 2017. Planning for the conference is taking shape and we are pleased to be able to provide you with the following information and invite your registration.

The VET sector in Australia is undergoing yet another period of significant reform. However, unlike more recent changes, these reforms are being driven by questions that go to the heart of the shape and operation of the sector. Questions are being asked about the best ways to organise VET, how it might be funded and the most effective ways to prepare and support those who deliver and assess VET and the leadership that best supports this work. There are questions being asked about whether training packages are still the most useful ways of organising the delivery and assessment strategies/curriculum that will produce workers with the requisite skills for changing economic times in which we live. This conference will provide a platform for research which can inform these deliberations to be presented and debated and for delegates to explore the ways in which these insights from research might be translated into policy and actions which will contribute to renovating – or rebuilding – VET in Australia.

AVETRA 2017 Program

This program is preliminary and subject to change