2000-2001 Inaugural Award Winner:
Judith Uren, Manager Research, Research & Strategic Policy Analysis Unit
Central Metropolitan College of TAFE, Western Australia.

Her Research Outline:
To build on the existing information on student outcomes by closely examining the individual student, environment and institutional practices which affect successful student outcomes.

2001 – 2002 Award Winner:

2002 – 2003 Award Winner:

Aim of the Scholarship:
This Scholarship is a joint initiative between AUSTAFE and AVETRA.  The aim of this joint arrangement is two-fold:
1.  To encourage a Research culture within TAFE.
2.  To encourage TAFE Managers to undertake research that is relevant to their
workplace, and is of national significance.

Value of the Scholarship:
The value of the Scholarship is in excess of $4,000 in cash and kind, including a year’s subscription to the two sponsor Organisations, conference registrations, etc.

1.  Applicants submit an 8-page Expression of Interest to demonstrate how their piece of research will meet the selection criterion.  This Expression of Interest must be post-mark dated no later than 30 May 2001 and forwarded to the attention of :
Karen Whittingham,
PO Box 5009 NOWRA DC NSW 2541

You will receive an acknowledgement receipt by e-mail once the Expression of Interest is received. Late project submissions will not be accepted.

Optional guidelines have been attached which may assist you in preparing your submission.

2.   A selection committee of representatives of the Executive Bodies of AUSTAFE and AVETRA will select the successful applicant.

3.   The applicants will be advised of the outcomes by 30 June 2001.

4.   The successful applicant will then continue with the research to be completed by 30 December 2001.

5.   Research report must be printed and ready for presentation at AUSTAFE and AVETRA Conference or Seminar in 2002.

The research to be undertaken must be new research and may be undertaken in conjunction with other TAFE studies; tertiary studies or on a part time basis by employees of TAFE.

The successful applicant must be willing to accept complementary membership of the two professional associations.
Copyright will belong to the researcher.  The researcher will approve:
1.  publication of the findings on each Organisation’s Web Page; and
2.  publication in conference proceedings for the two sponsor Organisations.

Selection criteria:
A range of selection criteria will be used by the selection committee to make their
decision about the project proposals namely:
-  The research must be original.
-  The overall quality of the proposal, including compliance to guidelines for submission.
-  Evidence of the proponent’s grasp of the current body of research in the chosen area, i.e.TAFE.
-  Evidence of the proponent’s grasp of the issues underlying the research topic in a TAFE setting.
-  Relevance of the research questions posed; in particular the extent to which they will contribute to national/systematic issues and provide information to help policy-makers and practitioners.
-  Suitability of the proposed methodology.
-  Successful applicant must be able to:
1.  complete and submit the research to AVETRA by 31 December 2001;
2.  prepare a research report of 5000 words maximum to be presented at a 2004 AUSTAFE and AVETRA Conference or Seminar.
3.  Proposals should be in the NREC format.

For more information contact:
Peter Kell
Phone: (02) 4221 3857
Fax: (02) 4221 4657

Liz Swaby
AVETRA Secretariat
PO Box 576
Crows Nest NSW 1585
Phone: (02) 9431 8690
Fax:(02) 9431 8677