Michele Simons & Berwyn Clayton Present the Berwyn Clayton Award for Distinguished Service to AVETRA

The following awards were presented at the AVETRA 2015 conference:

1.   Berwyn Clayton Award for Distinguished Service to AVETRA

2.  Journal Article of the Year Award

3.  The TAFE Directors Australia and AVETRA Innovation Scholarship


In general all the Awards will follow the same criteria:

  • they will have a common closing date of 20 February in the year of presentation
  • a member of AVETRA Executive will chair the judging panel with two other Executive members or outside members with appropriate background and experience, except for AVETRA Paper of the Year which will be judged by a panel of that year’s conference committee
  • all Award winners must be current financial members of AVETRA.  In the case of journal articles, the nominating author must be a current financial member
  • judges may not enter the competition and may not work in the same institution as any of the candidates, may not be involved in the relevant research project or in other current research collaborations with candidates, or have other conflicts of interest (eg. relative or PhD supervisor)


1.  Berwyn Clayton Award for Distinguished Service to AVETRA

The Berwyn Clayton Award for Distinguished Service to AVETRA has been instituted as a way of recognising the exemplary and distinguished service of nominated AVETRA members who have through their endeavours worked towards improving AVETRA’s status as Australia’s peak association for VET researchers.

Berwyn Clayton

This on-going award is funded by AVETRA and is offered on a bi-annual basis. Applications are sought in February for award in odd years. The award will be presented at the AVETRA Conference. Eligibility: All nominees must be current AVETRA members.

Winner of the Berwyn Clayton Award 2015:

Sarojni Choy, Griffith University


Previous Awardees

2006 Karen Whittingham (TAFE NSW)

2008 Peter Kell (University of Wollongong)

2010 Kevin Heys (TAFE NSW)

2012 Erica Smith

2013 Hugh Guthrie

Criteria for award for the Berwyn Clayton Award for Distinguished Service to AVETRA can be found in the Nomination Form. AVETRA reserves the right not to make an award if none of the applications received meets the criteria for award. Download the Nomination Form here

2. Journal Article of the Year Award

2014 – Selena Chan for her journal article ‘Crafting an Occupational Identity: Learning the Precepts of Craftsmanship Through Apprenticeship’

Abstract The term craftsmanship is associated with pre-industrial craft work with inferences to skilled artisanal manufacture of bespoke products. Apprenticeship learning is often perceived to be synonymous with learning craftsmanship. How then is the trait of craftsmanship through attainment of specific artisanal approaches conveyed and learnt through apprenticeship? This article presents and discusses processes imposed on and utilised by apprentices to attain precepts of artisanal approaches. The dispositional and skill elements of craftsmanship are proposed to be adopted through engagement with and development of craft and workplace specific approaches to contend with aspects of Pye’s (1968) conceptualisation of ‘workmanship of risk’ or the article’s proposed term of ‘artisanal approach of risk’.


Previous Awardees:

2013 Roger Harris & Catherine Ramos ‘Building career capital through further study in Australia and Singapore’.

2012Steven Hodge Deakin University and Roger Harris University of South Australia ‘Diplipline, Governmentality and 25 years of Competency-Based Training’

2011 – Erica Smith and Andy Smith, University of Ballarat ‘Does the availability of vocational qualifications through work assist social  inclusion? Education and Training, Vol 53, No. 7, 2011’


3.The TAFE Directors Australia and AVETRA Innovation Scholarship

2015: Awarded to Peter Hurley – Project Manager, Bendigo Kangan TAFE

Peter’s research proposal : This project will look at how the TAFE sector can play an effective role as part of Australia’s response to unemployment through innovative Work for the Dole programs. It will look at how TAFE can create successful models of engaging theunemployed by linking them to training. The research will look at: program design, engagement strategies with jobseekers, how to recruit employers, how to maintain relationships with industry, program promotion, and transitioning job seekers to employment.

Inaugural winner

2014: Awarded to David McLean from RMIT University. David is the Deputy Head of School \ Industry Group Manager in the School of Vocational Business Education at RMIT.

David’s proposal seeks to investigate innovative funding and training delivery models for new micro-business start-ups in the Health and Community Services Sector with the aim of increasing graduate success in business and developing stronger relationships with industry.