Executive positions

AVETRA’s Executive members normally serve for two years and are bound by the constitution. During 2009 the Executive members worked collectively to produce ‘position descriptions’ for the executive roles, both those defined by the Constitution and those which have grown up to carry out specific functions. Members may wish to consult these when considering whether to stand for election to the Executive and/or to volunteer for a specific role within the Executive.

Current Executive ( 2014-2016 )

Members of AVETRA’s Executive Committee are drawn from the VET and university sectors and from industry. They include leading VET researchers and representatives of VET research stakeholders around the country.

Executive Committee

  Michele Simons
University of Western Sydney NSW
L Barratt-Pugh Llandis Barratt-Pugh
Past President
Membership Committee
School of Management Edith Cowan University
Ruth Wallace
Vice President
Treasurer Assistant, Membership Committee
The Northern Institute
Charles Darwin University
Kevin Heys
 Alicia Boyle Alicia Boyle
The Northern Institute
Charles Darwin University

Linda Simon
Awards & Scholarships
OctoberVET & Practioner Hub SIG
VET Consultant NSW
Email: lindasimon2@bigpond.com
Josie Misko (Co-opted) NCVER
Ros Brennan Kemmis (Co-opted)
A News & Research Today
Email: rbrennan@csu.edu.au
Sandra Walls
Membership Chair
Box Hill Institute
Box Hill VIC
Roger Harris
IJTR Co-editor
Professor, School of Education
University of South Australia

Liz Atkins

Federation University Australia
Ballarat VIC
Steven Hodge
Ph: 08 5227 1489  Mobile: 0428 727 200
Stuart Middleton (Co-opted NZ Representative)  Phone: +64 99687692
Doug Wiles
AVETRA Secretariat/
Conference Manager
Tel:  02 9431 8690
Tel:  02 9431 8600
The Association Specialists
PO Box 576 Crows Nest NSW 1585
Level 3, 33-35 Atchison Street
St Leonards NSW 2065
ax: 02 9431 8677

The AVETRA Executive meet up to 12 times a year with most of those meetings being conducted by teleconference.

Formal minutes with allocated actions direct most of the current business of the association.

During each year there are some resolutions that are carried which have a more lasted impact of the direction and activity of the association and these are consolidated into policies to guide future action.

Policy 1 –  Executive Meeting Schedule

Policy 2 – Executive Roles & Responsibilities

Policy 3 – Executive Travel Policy

Policy 4 –  Executive Job Descriptions

Policy 5  – Executive Induction

Policy 6 – Investment of Funds

Policy 7 – Record Retention

Policy 8 – Social media networking

Policy 9 – Expense claims

Policy 10 – Execuitive Meeting guests

Policy 11 – Executive Media Commentary

Policy 12 – External Relations – VET Research Land 

AVETRA Executive at work in Melbourne

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For Administration queries contact:

AVETRA Secretariat
PO Box 576
Crows Nest NSW 1585
TEL: +61 2 9431 8690 FAX: +61 2 9431 8677

EMAIL: avetra@theassociationspecialists.com.au