Call for OctoberVET 2016 Convenors!

This year’s national OctoberVET coordinators, Steven Hodge and Joe Pagnoccolo, would like to invite you to convene an OctoberVET event in your area.

OctoberVET is the name of a season of local events to share information and ideas about VET. OctoberVET complements AVETRA’s annual conference, and as the name suggests, it runs through October (with a few events usually spilling into November as well).

OctoberVET events range in size and scope, depending on local needs and interests, and range from convivial, small-scale gatherings to larger formal events with speakers. Events can be brief (a couple of hours) or can span a whole day. In 2015, OctoberVET events ran in most Australian states. In 2016 we hope to see OctoberVET events run throughout Australia and in other countries, too.

The success of OctoberVET always depends on the good-will and inventiveness of a local Convener (or group of Conveners) who are connected with local VET networks and identities and can find a focus and a space for their event.

AVETRA offers a small seed-grant for all OctoberVET events (which can be used for catering for example), and a national coordinator is on hand to discuss your ideas, and to provide advice and support. AVETRA also advertises OctoberVET events nationally to help draw attention to local events.

Last year’s themes will give you an idea of variety of interests gathered together under the OctoberVET banner:

  • New South Wales: VET and University: Professional Learning and Teaching Exchange Forum
  • New South Wales: Practitioner Research Under Analysis
  • Western Australia: Striving for Excellence: ESL/LLN Skills Symposium
  • Western Australia: Changing Learning and Organisations
  • Queensland: A Quest for Research Capability
  • Queensland: Making great learning and teaching practice happen through Participatory Action Research
  • Queensland: AVETRA Breakfast – Recognising VET Contributions to Business and Industry
  • South Australia: Using data to inform policy on education and training
  • Victoria: Unearthing the Digital Landscape: Innovating Pedagogic Practice in VET
  • Victoria: Architectures for apprenticeship: Achieving economic and social goals (an OctoberVET event in conjunction with the International Network on Innovative Apprenticeship Conference).

It’s time to start thinking about how to bring your local VET community together to share ideas and inspiration. Get in touch with Steven Hodge ( or 0421224474) or Joe Pagnoccolo ( to discuss your ideas and find out how to get the OctoberVET ball rolling.


AVETRA National Conference 2016

What a wonderful conference on a number of important topics around VET and adult education, and excellent research presentations by a wide range of experienced and new researchers, both national and international!  There were also three workshops on strategies relating to research, and a Speed Dating session (see the photo below).  Our thanks to Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE for hosting the conference, and attendees enjoyed a fun dinner on Thursday evening.  Awards were presented at the dinner to:

  • Ray Barker Award for Distinguished Service to VET Research 2016 – Professor Erica Smith
  • Conference Paper of the Year 2016– Don Zoellner
  • Journal Article of the Year 2015 – Steven Hodge
  • TDA/AVETRA Innovation Scholarship Award – Dr Ross McLennan

An early career researchers breakfast was held and out of this will develop a further network working with the AVETRA Educator Hub.  Full reports will go up over the next week or so, but in the meantime enjoy the conference summary from Kira Clarke: and photos of our speakers.

















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